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Product: Private/Hard Money Funding

Wow ! Amazing ! Awesome! Are just a few quick words that come to mind. Our credit challenges were no obstacle for Mr. Hampton who worked around the clock and found us what we needed to secure our home and stay with in our means that made sense for us. His knowledge and expertise separates him from others who simply just wasted our time and money. I highly recommend him to secure your new or second home.

David M., Buyer/General Contractor/Investor

Cameron Park, CA

Product: Non-Prime

Mr. Rachaad and company helped us out when it seemed nobody wanted to. I'm self-employed and there were challenges to proving our income. Thankfully, Prime Equity had the ability to provide financing for us using their bank statement program, and we finally closed the deal on our home that was dragging far too long. We are truly thankful. 

Terry R., Buyer/CPA

Los Angeles, CA

Product: Non-Prime

Over 80 days in contract and having to negotiate with seller 4 times to extend escrow was painful. My clients went through 2 A+ paper lenders, and both claimed buyer approval and docs ready by next week. OVERLAYS OVERLAYS! Both lenders could not perform, and finally referred to Prime Equity for unconventional financing. Bottom line, Rachaad and team got the deal done!

Linda E., Real Estate Agent

Roseville, CA

Product: Private/Hard Money Funding

My wife and I believe we got a very fair loan on our property located in Stockton, CA. We appeciate all the communication that was provided. Our loan payments are all set up for automatic withdrawal. We look forward to putting the loan proceeds to profitable use. 

We thank you!

Karl & Tammy G., Investors

Stockton, CA 

Product: Private/Hard Money Funding 

Rachaad and his investors funded a property we have undergoing rehab. We just needed a bridge loan based on after-repair value. Prime Equity and investors quickly underwritten our file and funded a cash-out scenario for us to complete rehab and put property back on market. They're my source for funding going forward. Thank you!

Daniel S., Investor

Sacramento, CA

Product: Non-Prime 

Well I wanted to do a cash-out refinance against my home and use the funds toward fix and flips this year. I'm self-employed and my income varies monthly. Rachaad arranged a non-prime loan against our property with an interest rate better than hard money. Appreciate the communication that happened between us, and never left me without knowing where we were at from approval to funding. 

Appreciate the help, and Thank you again!

Dennis T., Real Estate Agent

Sacramento, CA

Product: Non-Prime/ Conventional

Several years ago my husband and I had to get a sub-prime loan through Rachaad's company. Was not too thrilled with the rate and term, but we had to face that we weren't prime borrowers. We closed on our home and visited Prime Equity again two years later to refinance out of our 7 year ARM without a pre payment penalty. Now we have a conventional loan paying on a prime interest rate. We are so satisfied of the available programs out there for us to buy our home, and the solutions that Prime Equity provided us. Greatest thing was that our broker was upfront and direct, and also worked hard at brokering a lender that was right for us. 

Thank you so much for helping us Rachaad!

Kasey & Jay F., Buyers/Business Owners

Walnut Creek, CA

Product: Private/Hard Money Funding

Was referred to Prime Equity through our friend and saw ads online. We needed to pull cash out from our San Jose rental property to complete a rehab project in Oakland, CA. We have several foreclosures and short-sales from the latest market crash. Rachaad helped us with a stated income interest only loan for both projects and our new payments are lower than what our tenants pay us for rent. We acheived our goals and are very satisfied with Prime Equity's service. Thank you and we hope to do business again soon.

Emmanuel & Sonia V., Investors

San Jose, CA

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